Design a Fundraiser

Thank you for helping us raise money! JEFCR has the ability to host community events that raise money for patients suffering from Kidney Cancer. Thank you for doing your part and helping us out!

Your fundraiser can be set up via GoFundMe charity using the button below.

Some great examples of fundraisers include:

Bake Sales

Selling baked goods and donating the proceeds is a classic fundraising style, especially in schools.


We will happily help support local acts that are willing to donate some of the proceeds to our cause.

Fun Runs

A planned walk or run that accepts admission is a fun way to get a community involved and active.

Car Washes

Washing the cars of community members is not only a useful service but an easy way to host a large group of volunteers.

Tag Sales

Get involved directly from your own backyard by selling unwanted items and donating a percentage of your earnings.


Having someone speak for the benefit of our cause and raising money from attendee donations spreads awareness.

You are not limited to these fundraisers! Feel free to be as creative as you’d like with your fundraiser; we would love to hear your ideas.

To reach out and discuss ideas for a new fundraiser, contact us at,, or call us at (978) 578-4913.