Helping Hand Grant

On behalf of the Grant Committee at the John Estrella foundation, we thank you for your interest in our Helping Hand Grant. In addition to the ever-mounting cost of medicines and treatment, people with Kidney Cancer often need assistance with expenses like transportation, living expenses, home care, and childcare. The purpose of our grant is to provide support to individuals and their families experiencing financial burdens associated with a diagnosis of and treatment for Kidney Cancer.

To submit an application for the Helping Hand Grant, mail us a hard copy or use the button below.

The grant application is rolling. Incomplete applications will not be reviewed by the Grant Review Committee for consideration.  We are not responsible for Helping Hand Grant applications that fail to reach us (e.g. due to mail delivery failure).

Send all written applications to:
The John Estrella Foundation for Cancer Research
3 Seward Avenue
Beverly, MA 01915

Eligibility:  An applicant must satisfy the requirements below in full.

Applicant must have a financial (non-medical) need related to the diagnosis of and/or treatment for kidney cancer for him/herself or a relative within a calendar year of the grant application deadline.

  • Examples of qualifying requests include costs of transportation, rent/mortgage, home care, childcare, food delivery, supportive equipment (e.g. wheelchairs, stair lift, ramp, etc.), durable medical equipment, palliative care, and/or genetic counseling.   
  • Other than genetic counseling, funds cannot be requested for medical co-payments, deductibles, prescriptions, or hospital or physician charges. More information about finding help with medical expenses can be found at

Applicant must be an adult age 18 years or older and be a resident in New England – a parent may submit an application on behalf of a child with kidney cancer.

Helping Hands Grant application and supporting documentation must be completed in full (i.e. partial applications will be rejected).

Have a diagnosis of kidney cancer confirmed by an oncology health care provider and be in active treatment for cancer. This is verified by a Diagnosis Verification Form completed by applicant’s treating physician to verify diagnosis of kidney cancer.

Letter of reference from one non-related persons (examples: community leaders, friends, pastoral care, etc.). Recommendation must include their name, address and phone number within the letter. They should be able to speak to your credibility and need. 

Only one application per family per year.


  • Funds cannot be requested for medical co-payments, deductibles, prescriptions, or hospital or physician charges. More information about finding help with medical expenses can be found at  
  • Applicants not impacted by kidney cancer
  • Previous accepted application within the same year
  • Residents outside New England


Not all grant requests can be accommodated. The number of grants awarded will depend on funds available and the amounts requested. Priority is given to those applicants in active treatment for cancer. 

Grant amount and distribution:

If the grant is approved, the following applies:

  • Applicant must complete the Grant Acceptance Form, including agreement to Media Release Terms and Conditions
  • Funds will be disbursed only after the John Estrella Foundation receives documentation of expenses paid for the specific need outlined in grant application – please retain copies in case receipts become lost in transport
  • Only the amount requested will be disbursed (up to $1,000)

*Failure to meet any/all of these requirements is a violation of the award and the recipient will not receive funds.

We look forward to receiving your application!